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Machine Talkz Case Study

How a UAE Industrial Equipment Distributor ensures the safety and upkeep of their expensive machinery

Not just that, they save hundreds of thousands of Dirhams a year by employing predictive maintenance and the deep insights Machine Talkz provide into how their assets are being utilized.

Machine Talkz
Real-time view and control of Machines

Our customer is one of the leading materials handling, construction, agriculture, cleaning and industrial equipment distributors in the GCC Region. They own and operate a fleet of leading brands such as Grove, Hyster, Perkins, Bobcat, Tennant, Massey Ferguson, Lincoln Electric, Norton, Ausa, Sullair, Beach Tech, Deves among others. Each of these machines is worth a few million and they would like to keep a close watch on where their assets are, how they are being utilized and ensure they are always at their peak performance.

Since the past few years, most OEMs supply pre-installed Telematic devices and subscription services to their proprietary Remote Monitoring Systems. In theory, it looked great. But in reality, our principal was faced with a few very real problems.

  • How to justify the subscription fee of a dozen different applications ?
  • How to get Inventory wide insights?
  • How to manage multiple applications with different logins and widely varying UI and workflow ?
  • What to make of the thousands of alarms being generated every day ?
  • How to sort out what matters from the false positives ?

Machine Talkz solves all these problems with its asset consolidation and data standardization capabilities. Built on top of the home grown Datalkz IoT Platform, Machine Talkz employs a non invasive CANBus connector to gather 45+ engine parameters and use them to generate deep insights the customer wanted to ensure the best in operations, safety, maintenance and purchase planning.

Reduced the burden on Operations Team

  • Integrated all relevant data from multiple sources into one platform to get a single version of truth
  • One click visibility into asset health, availability and efficiency

Awesome Predictive Capabilities

  • Employed Predictive & Automated maintenance schedule based on real time asset health
  • Removed unnecessary or delayed maintenance schedules translating to savings to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dirhams

Made use of the Domain Expertise

  • Intuitive and super flexible configuration wizards to make the best use of the principal’s domain expertise
  • Integrated end to end maintenance workflow.
  • Automated real time diagnosis reports and checklists sent to the ServicePro technician app to maximize technician efficiency

Safety & SLA Adherence

  • Geo-fencing and time-fencing
  • Multi-point, combination logics to enforce the best practices

Increased customer satisfaction through transparency

  • Multi tenant hierarchy enabling each customer access to his own rented/leased equipment
  • Automated reports sent to the relevant parties

Using Machine Talkz and ServicePro applications, the Distributor established a comprehensive yet cost effective monitoring and maintenance system that improved key processes and ensured asset safety and performance and guaranteed end user satisfaction.

Prepare your fleet for industry revolution

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