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A universal system for operating a new era of communities

Building Talkz


Streamlined management of the world’s smartest buildings

Finally, control of your entire property portfolio is at your fingertips. Using the Building Talkz IoT community management platform, you can remotely monitor and handle everything entailed in multi-property maintenance, utilities, and operation, all from a central hub. 

Access all of your properties under one system, with capabilities that create buildings smarter than ever before. It’s the comprehensive management you need to build the communities of tomorrow.


Control every facility’s systems and equipment from a single place


Assess performance of your individual properties and full portfolio


See actionable insights based on live, complete data


Grasp opportunities to streamline and improve

Performance Visibility + Analytical Predictions + Cost-Saving Strategies

Savings On Operational Costs 0%
Reduce Energy Consumption 0%
Optimal total cost of ownership 0%
Reduce Building Asset Downtime 0%
Maximize Building Life Cycle 0%

Guaranteed to optimize your facilities

Cut the expense of on-site BMS rooms and operators for good

Improve building sustainability and minimize utility costs

Reduce work orders by detecting problems before they arise

Keep all equipment continuously operational with predictive maintenance

Get maximal ROI out of your facility investments

Simplify management of your property portfolio

Today’s cities are getting smarter.

Make sure your buildings can keep up.

Cities around the globe are leveraging technology to make themselves better places to live. Offering citizens a great quality of life requires infrastructure to be responsive to their needs, and that includes city buildings. 

Facility managers are actively adapting to this new standard, embracing IoT tech that can help them stay in pace with urban advancements.  

Building Talkz is one of the first building automation developers that can offer the capabilities of true platform service. Our unique position allows us to guide today’s building owners into a new generation of management, one where scope and simplicity come together to create unprecedented ease and effectiveness. 

With our partnership, your communities can become a part of the new smart world.

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