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The world’s all-in-one IoT platform



Comprehensive AI that brings total unity to your business

Whether you’re managing a fleet of machinery or a whole portfolio of properties, Datalkz can streamline every step of your operations. As the region’s first and only universal IoT platform, Datalkz gives you the power to connect all of your assets and enterprise applications in one core system.

Everything is unified through a common framework and infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly handle management tasks, act upon real-value insights, and see immediate ROI. 

15+ Supported Communication Protocols

With more being added every day

End to End Security Mechanisms

Safeguarding your data at all times

Cloud Ready

Built with a high-performance NoSQL database and virtualized data

Simplify and optimize with Datalkz

Get it all on one platform


Advantages found nowhere else

Unprecedented interoperability and third-party compatibility

Vendor, gateway, device and sensor agnostic approach

Clear asset/client/project overviews via horizontal data modelling

Create complete value chains around your data

Industry-leading tech that delivers you unrivaled flexibility and functionality

The Device Cloud

The device cloud helps the platform remain adaptive to changes in industrial standards, communication protocols, and vendor-specific application protocols for sensors and gateways. It has an extensive device management layer handling the entire lifecycle of devices connected to the platform. 

Device lifecycles also include an authentication process, which allows the Datalkz to identify stray devices and keep them out. The authentication mechanism supports the latest token-based standards for new generation gateways and sensors, as well as manual workflows for legacy field gateways and sensors.

The Device Cloud
Domain Expert Collaboration

Domain Expert Collaboration

The platform enables domain experts to directly coordinate and provide impactful guidance and tuning into the system using APIs and ML play, a machine learning studio that trains data sets using live data from the assets.

Identity & Access Management

Identity management within Datalkz ensures simple handling of user/device identities. It provides the capability to integrate with existing organizational identity databases or third party identity stores.

Identity & Access Management
Build & Deploy

Build & Deploy

Building applications is made easy via managed service offerings. Alongside standard product offerings (Building Talkz, Machine Talkz), customer specific developments can be smoothly developed atop existing functionalities, thanks to the modular API architecture.

API Gateway

Collaborative development and customization of products is fully enabled. All APIs in the platform are managed through the API gateway, which aids security management, access throttling, and standardizing the access of APIs by developers (both internal and community). Datalkz uses state of the art API management standards.

API Gateway

Data Layer

Datalkz has a polyglot datastore consisting of the document, graph, and relational data components. The datastore APIs in the platform abstract the complexity of accessing the data from the store, and helps the developers (both internal and community) stay focused on the solution.

The world’s all-in-one IoT platform
Data cleansing and normalization

Anomaly detection

Anomaly diagnosis

Dynamic rules

Performance analysis

Utilization and recommendations

Custom Build Application

Data Source Management

Real Time Data Analytics & Event Management

Device Lifecycle Management

Multi-Tenant Identity Management

AI & Machine Learning Code

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